Gunilla Almgren

President of UEAPME

Gunilla Almgren was appointed as UEAPME President on 28 November 2011. She is an entrepreneur in the sanitary fittings industry, with business contacts all over Europe. She served as Vice-President of the Board of Företagarna, the Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises. She also sits on the board of several Swedish business-related organisations as well as private companies.

On top of her professional engagements, Ms. Almgren has also actively participated in several commitees and working groups set up by the European Commission in the past years on issues such as better regulation. Ms. ALmgren holds a Diploma in Business Administration from the IHM Business School and speaks five official EU languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), in addition to her mother tongue.

Kenneth OE Sundin

Founder and Owner, SMEBOX

SMEBOX is a toolbox for SMEs - and Kenneth OE Sundin has since start been focusing on the situation and needs of SMEs. When it comes to bringing new knowledge and competence to the Business the use of net based tools is a great opportunity and the LEXSHA project is a big step in the right direction.

Kenneth OE Sundin started his first business in 1987 and is today engaged in the development of SMEs all over Europe. He is engaged in a number of national and trasnational organisations with a focus on SMEs and their development.

John Moore

Managing Director, Exponential Training & Assessment

John Moore has over 25 years’ experience of training and developing managers, coaches, consultants and businesses. As Managing Director of Exponential, John researches, speaks, blogs and writes about how to improve management and business performance. He also designs and delivers engaging, fun and interactive learning programmes and believes technology can play an important part in transforming the impact of learning and development. John is a Fellow Chartered Manager, he loves travelling and has worked with managers and organisations in over 30 different countries.

Yves Petitjean

President of the Chamber of Trade of the Aquitaine region

Early in his career, Yves Petitjean, the current president of the Chamber of Trade of the Aquitaine region, acted to defend the profession and its craftsmen colleagues. He defends the small craft businesses, which 'represent the first company in France', with 3 million active and 100,000 new hires each year.

Bertrand Demier

Entrepreneur, Vice-President of the CGPME Aquitaine

Entrepreneur, Vice-President of the CGPME Aquitaine, in charge of the VET training field, member of the CESER, commission Disability and Digital Technologies

Christophe Marnat

Head of VSDE / SAS Barter Business

Christophe Marnat is the head of VSDE / SAS Barter Business, an innovative enterprise offering services in Business Intelligence and strategic watch. VSDE is settled in Dax (Aquitaine, France) and in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire, Africa).

Dominyka Venciute

Programme Director at ISM University of Management and Economics

Programme Director at ISM University of Management and Economics, Senior Assistant Professor, PhD Candidate. Dominyka Venciute is a PhD candidate enrolled in Baltic Doctoral Programme. Her research area looks into the internationalisation processes of the private companies, mainly SMEs. Currently Dominyka works as a director for two bachelor study programmes at ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius being responsible for the content of Business Management and Analytics as well as Industrial Technology Management study tracks. Dominyka is also a senior lecturer teaching Social Media Marketing course. Besides her academic activities, she is engaged in consultancy activities, providing marketing-related advice for various business entities.

Amélie Perret

CRED IUT de Bordeaux

At the University of Bordeaux, Amélie Perret leads the CRED IUT de Bordeaux. The aim of the CRED is to contribute to the development of innovation and Project Management in companies and education. The CRED offers training and services connecting students and small or medium size enterprises to develop projects in a transversal approach. After years of experience in private companies as computer engineer, and international experience in Research and higher education, Amélie Perret joined the CRED. She practices Project design, Project structuration and Project Management.

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